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Ann Christiansen

Ann Christiansen /

Ann Christiansen, born in Sweden, now lives and works in Hamburg Germany. Ann is currently the only trained Trainer for All Belts in Nia┬┤s educational program.

Ik heb Nia ontdekt...

Ann discovered Nia in 1997 and has never stopped dancing since. She was the first Nia Teacher in Germany and continues to teach and spread the Joy of Nia throughout Europe. In addition to teaching and training Nia students, she has worked with stress management, chakra balancing and sound therapy.

Mijn ervaring met de opleiding...

Ann is currently the only trained Trainer for All Belts in Nia´s educational program  White Belt, Green Belt, Blue Belt , Brownbelt and Blackbelt. She is the first selected "Nia Teacher of The Year" in 2008.Ann brings a level of play, sophistication, joy, humour, intelligence, and a deep understanding of human physique into her Nia classes and Trainings crafting movement with meditation, movement with play, and movement with intergration of all Nia principles.

Nia in mijn leven...

Ann says: "I love Nia, it has changed my life! It completly changed my view and perception about what movement and Training the body is. Coming from athletics and performance sports I had diciplin and training experience, wich continues to be good partners in my life today where a lot of Stamina and Sustaining is needed-I did not have a clue about how to move with Joy the way Nia has taught me to do this. I love the Dancing, I love the Music- Nia is full of Magic. I am selfhealing with Nia and I am thrilled and excited to Share this Joy with anyone and everybody that comes across my path- in a class, in a training, in a retreat or workshop! Welcome."

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